Youth Creative Writing Classes 

Now Enrolling: Winter 2019-  Beginner and Advanced Classes!

Located in Downtown Frederick at the Talley Rec. Center!

Our Goal

The goal of Frederick Young Writers is to ignite the creative spark within the youth of our community and foster the imagination, creativity, and story telling skills that provide the basic foundation for all forms of creative writing.

Our program is design to build confidence in young writers by playing games that get them thinking outside the box, challenging them with activities that push the boundaries of their current abilities, and hone in on skills that will help them become more serious about their writing.

Illustrated Scenery

"A childhood without books – that would be no childhood. That would be like being shut out from the enchanted place where you can go and find the rarest kind of joy."

- Astrid Lindgren


Fox with Balloons

Calling all story scribblers, book worms, and writing lovers! We are looking for young writers who are interested in developing their writing skills and mastering the fundamental basics of storytelling.

In this beginner class, all participants will have fun practicing the building blocks of creative writing through playing interactive games, flexing their creativity muscles in weekly challenges, and personalizing their own writer’s journal!

The objective over this 5-week course is to develop an understanding of the writing process, express new, creative, ideas; and learn how to develop those ideas into a story. With the guidance of their instructor, participants will leave this seminar with a notebook full of creative ideas, wacky projects, and the opportunity to publish a short story that they wrote all on their own!


Attention Aspiring Novelists, Writers, and Bookworms alike! We are looking for young writers who are passionate about developing their craft as a writer and learning new ways to improve their storytelling.


In this advanced class, all participants will improve upon their fundamental knowledge of creative writing and explore topics such as world building, character development, Writing advanced dialogue, and exploring classic storytelling tropes.


All participants will work towards writing, editing, revising, and publishing their own short story in an anthology over the program’s entirety. All writers must be actively interested in continuing their writing projects outside of the seminar and come prepared to each session.